kurti price in india

From simple tailors to designers, you can get your kurti at the cost you want. For casual wear the rates could be anywhere between Rs. 250 – Rs. 500 and smarter formals can cost anywhere from Rs. 800 to Rs. 1500. But designer kurtis could cost according to how deep is your pocket, starting anywhere from Rs. 3000 to a non-ending figure.

kurti prices But of course you will get quality and style according to the amount you pay. Some of these kurtis last a couple of years without even a thread getting bare. The pure cotton ones however would look worn out because of the many wash cycles.

But you want to pick up something smart at reasonable rates hit the wholesale market for kurtis in Mumbai. Here you will get the best at inexpensive rates. However you will have to pick up a few in quantity, instead of just one or two.