Short Kurti and Kurti Tunic first Choice of teenagers and Collage Girls

Short kurti is very popular now days. Teenagers and collage girls love to wear short kurti with jenas, jeggings and skirt. Short kurtis can be club with different bottoms like jeans, Jeggings and skirts and Patiala bottom, depends upon length of kurtis. If kurti is length is too short like hip length, it’s not preferable with leggings. More »

Hip or Waist Length Kurtis

If the kurti length is up to hip it’s called hip length kurti. Hip length kurti is very much popular among collage girls. Mix and match hip length short kurti with jeans or skirt for perfect fashion vogue. Kurti and jeans love by every one so style your self with short hip length kurti and make your style statement. More »


Kurti Designs from Different States

Designs from Different States

lucknowi kurtisLucknow has shown Chikan work in kurtis and is commonly known as lucknowi. Tamil Nadu is famous for Toda embroidery in kurtis. Mirror Work in kurtis is rooted from Rajasthan. Kutch embroidery came from Gujarat. Kasuthi is from Karnataka. Kantha embroidery is originated from West Bengal. Kashmiri embroidery or Kasida came from Kashmir. These Kurtis are exported in Mumbai and various parts of India.

Kurti wholesalers earn huge profits from the ever increasing market due to the craze of kurtis or kurta that is continuously growing. Reason being the large purchasing profile that include young and old.

The new era has now brought in a new set of wholesalers that don’t need a roof to showcase their products. This is the online market. The online market is doing as well and sometimes even better than the on-ground counterparts as the younger generation has shown a keen interest in buying online.

This has helped kurta manufacturers in Mumbai flourish and excel. Exporters connect online, check out all the patterns available and place an order accordingly. Besides exporters online markets have lured the younger generation who have little time to make it to the shop and hence they make their selection online and payment too. So in the comfort of your home or anyplace that your are at you get to shop.

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Kurti Manufacturers and Wholesale Kurtis

It is known to all, that mankind always had a craving for a better persona. And what better than clothes to elevate the stance. The fairer half are said to crave this elevation, as women love to look gorgeous in whatever they wear. The mantra to looking good begins with knowing the body type and hence which attire will look best on it.


And kurtis is one style that helps you keep cool with its soft fabric yet keeps you looking good with its variety in style. Moreover kurtis enhance all body types. Even men prefer to wear Kurtas. In the villages of India the kurta is one of the mostly worn garbs among men.

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Types of Kurtis

Cotton Kurtis are a great summer wear as the soft cotton does not get the heat to you. That being the highlight of the garb even men prefer to wear the same. Kurta is the male version of the kurti. A peek into the villages of the country and you would find most men wearing the Kurta, a slightly longer version of the kurti with a squarer shape for men. They are mostly full sleeved with pockets on both sides. However variations and styles are always available.


Designs of Kurtis – With every passing day, Karigars are experimenting with different designs in Kurtis or Kurta. It is really wonderful to see when people wear colorful Kurtis and walk on the road. They look stunning in the traditional attire. Even many people who come from different countries like to buy Kurtis or Kurta for themselves. The Karigars sell their creations to the manufacturers of various parts of India. If you are living in Mumbai, the wholesale market for Kurtis is huge. You can find the dealers of Mumbai sell wholesale Kurtis in various designs and patterns. Even you can find designs from various states of India at just one wholesaler too.  We are wholesale dealers of cotton kurtis in mumbai.